Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monkey School 101

In an effort to acclimate the baby monkey to his natural state, he had to go to monkey school. Unfortunately, with me as the teacher, he was a bit disadvantaged, but at that point I'm all he had. The first day of school did not go well as we attempted the class: Climbing Trees 101. Monkey Boy kept scampering down the tree and clinging to my ankles. The is not good for a couple of reasons. First, Squirrel Monkeys are arboreal animals which means they live in trees. Their safety and livelihood depends on them moving adeptly through tree tops, Second, it was hard for me to walk with a monkey clinging to my feet. Monkey Boy made an F in tree climbing class.
The next day was Observing other Monkeys day. Several male squirrel monkeys came down to Monkey Boy's cage and showed an interest in him. I took him out of the cage and was walking around with him to let the other monkeys know he was in no danger and also to let Monkey Boy observe who were surely his kinfolk , maybe even his brother or uncle! He wasn't helping things by sitting on my shoulder and trying to twist my head around so he could squeeze my lips... "Don't do that", I told him, "your brethren are going to think you a wimp."
The other monkeys just continued to look puzzled. We got an email from an authority on primates who advised if the other squirrel monkeys showed an interest in the baby, we should let them take him. Monkey Boy doesn't seem too interested in going with them.

So his education continued...

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