Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Stuff!!!!

Mike and I are in Alabama visiting with the new Baby Girl!!! I have a new hip!!! 13 weeks post opt today. Walking 3 miles a day and best part ...NO PAIN!!!!
Thanks to affordable Costa Rican health care, I am now enjoying my new total hip replacement. Cima Hospital in San Jose offered first class excellent services.

Mike is returning to Costa Rica on 12/8/10 and I am returning 1/1/11..New Years Day. Thanks to Sonya and my sister Brenda in coordinating my trip to the Pensacola Airport on New Year Day..no less.

Erin Leigh, our adorable little Grandaughter ia LOVE personified. She is a treasure.
She's very sweet and very content most of the time. Sonya and John are wonderful parents.

Upon my return to Costa Rica I'm committed to updating the blog with our adventures and misadventures including the continuing saga of Monkey Boy.. the monkey that fell from the sky..... with lots of pictures!!!

Stay tuned!!!!